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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before & After

What do you think when you heard the rumor that say Meg Ryan has had plastic surgery? You can judge whether she looks better or not with her new appearance. 51 years old of Meg Ryan reported has had plastic surgery to makeover her appearance. If we are comparing her old photo and the most recent one, it is likely she has had lip implant, facelift, fat grafting and also cheek surgery. But, the most popular in celebrities’ plastic surgery world is her lip implant.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Some plastic surgeon expert told that Meg Ryan has a lip implant with Gore-Tex technique. This procedure is done by enhancing the lip muscles. After doing this procedure the upper lip will look unnatural because looks stiff and cannot pucker normally. Then, in order to get a better result of this procedure, the surgeon usually injected collagen to make the borders of the lips looks better.

Then, beside the lip implant, she was also reported to have cheek surgery with some facial fillers. The result is her cheek looks fuller and plump up. It is indicated that she has facial fillers or facelift volumetric. Facelift volumetric can be done by a fat grafting procedure.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Pictures

In fact Meg Ryan gets some critics from her fans who didn’t like her plastic surgery. And finally she decided to remove her lip implant and her lip change to be normal. It seems she prefers use collagen than lip implant to augment her lip. It is because collagen can give more natural results.

Beside reported has a lip implant and cheek surgery, Meg Ryan likely also has some anti aging treatments to remove her aging signs. She has been reported to have a neck lift and forehead lift to get rid the sagging skin and remove the aging signs that usually appear in the woman in her age. Overall, I think Meg Ryan looks great in her 50s age, although she has had some plastic surgery.

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